An Innovative Ready-Mix for Continuous Tablet Manufacturing BARETab TM PH

Sigachi is pleased to announce the launch of BARETabTM PH.

BARETabTM PH is a high functionality homogeneous co-processed compound composed of binder, glidant, disintegrant and lubricant. CO-processing makes the product superior in flowability, compaction, lubricity, disintegration, stability and content uniformity. BARETab PH performance is superior compared to the individual excipients or their physical mixing. Simplicity in the manufacturing process results in higher productivity at a lower cost makes BARETab PH an ideal choice to use as a ready-mix for direct compression formulations.

Advantages include:

Improved Product Performance

  • Homogeneous product
  • Higher surface area
  • Lower dust formation
  • High intrinsic flow
  • Better hardness
  • Higher API loading
  • Ready to use

Improved Productivity

  • Eliminate the use of wet granulation process
  • Used directly for DC grade formulation
  • Large batch size
  • Higher productivity
  • Better equipment utilization
  • Better compaction & lubrication
  • Better content uniformity
  • Less product rejection
  • Increased yield percentage
  • Reduction in cleaning & changeover time
  • Longer equipment life

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