Where have ViscoTec’s Dosing Pumps Been Already Used Successfully with Abrasive Media?

ViscoTec’s dosing pumps have been successfully used for 20 years in abrasive applications, such as in the automotive, electronics, and semiconductor industries.

A specific implementation in the automotive industry is an abrasive heat-conductive paste on a magnetic coil. After proper adjustment of all relevant dosing parameters, such as the mixing ratio and the pot life, the paste is mixed with the help of a 2-component dispenser and a static mixer.

Subsequently, the homogeneously mixed medium, consisting of a base and an activator, is applied on the part in a defined quantity and with a dosing accuracy of more than 99%. The dosed product then hardens on the part and after a short period of time the part is ready for the next stage in the production process.

There are other abrasive applications from various industries that have already been handled by ViscoTec, such as the application of solder paste, fluxing agent, abrasive adhesives, and gap fillers in various configurations.

Checklist for the new acquisition of the dosing technology:

  • Which medium is to be dosed? What particular characteristics does this fluid have?
  • Which containers is the medium to be delivered?
  • Is the medium to be applied ready to be processed and/or dosed or does it require preparation?
  • Is all the data for the dosing process available?
  • Do preliminary tests in the laboratory need to be carried out due to high technical requirements?
  • Have all mechanical details been clarified? (Hose lengths, connectors, adapters, and mountings)
  • Have all electrical details been clarified? (Signal exchange, electrical connections, and interfaces)
  • Has sufficient attention been given to all criteria for the dosing of abrasive media?

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