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Dosing Technology for the Pharmaceutical Industry

ViscoTec provides solutions for shear filling, conveying and metering of pharmaceutical fluids, including liquids and semi-solids.

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ViscoTec provides solutions for shear filling, conveying and metering of pharmaceutical fluids.

ViscoTec provides solutions for low-shear shear filling, conveying and metering of pharmaceutical fluids, including liquids and semi-solids.

Dispensers for the pharmaceutical industry

ViscoTec’s Pharma-Dispenser series meets good manufacturing practices (GMP) and hygienic standards to ensure optimal design and documentation. It also holds a European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG) certificate.

The company’s range of used elastomers is certified to FDA requirements and all metallic components meet DIN EN 10204 specifications.

They are perfectly suited for low viscosity fluids to semisolids for:

The modular design allows the user to quickly and flexibly adapt to various requirements for a wide range of packaging types such as syringes and vials.
To ensure the high levels of safety and effectiveness for pharmaceuticals, dispensers must be filled under GMP conditions.
The company provides solutions for high-precision, pulsation-free and shear sensitive filling, gentle conveying and metering of pharmaceutical fluids that ranges from low to high viscosity.
A short reverse motion at the end breaks the thread off to prevent dripping, while an adjustable suckback keeps the filler neck of the tube clean.
ViscoTec Pharma-Dispensers accurately doses various media and reduces product loss.
ViscoTec’s range of pharmaceutical dispensers feature cleaning properties and are easy to disassemble.
The Pharma-Dispenser series meets pharmaceutical industry standards for hygienic design and documentation.
Perfect filling is achieved regardless of the viscosity of the pharmaceutical or biotechnological product.
ViscoTec’s VPHD series is suitable for applications in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological sectors.
Abrasive media can be dosed using process security and less shearing.
  • Gentle product handling
  • High-precision
  • Independent of viscosity

Meeting high pharmaceutical requirements

ViscoTec’s pharmaceutical dispensers feature high-quality cleaning properties and are easy to disassemble.

All wetted contact parts that can be sterilised in an autoclave to protect materials against harmful environmental influences. It also protects the environment against product leakage as the seal is equipped with a locking chamber.

The VPHD series was specially developed for applications in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries.

Pharmaceutical control helps to main the flow rate and desired dosing volume with a simple and accurate system. The dosing volume, speed, calibration and suck-back at the end of dosing can be set using the touch panel. Accuracy of the dosage is more than 99%.

Control through a higher level is possible at any time. SPS transfers the parameter via profibus to the pharmaceutical control.

To meet requirements of cycle times in the pharmaceutical production of filling quantities between 10ml and 20ml, the 2VPHD12-3D Pharma-Dispenser is available in larger volumes.

Compared with dispensers of the same size, the capacity is increased by 300% and is available up to 714ml/min. The dispenser is suitable for integration in syringe filling lines of high-viscosity hydrogels.

Due to one second cycle times to fill 10ml of gel, the dispenser integrates itself into the required filling process.

Secure and reliable dosing and filling technology

ViscoTec’s dosing and filling units are based on the endless piston principle from a group of rotary positive displacement pumps.

The company’s rotor / stator geometry maintains a constant volume proportionate to the rotation angle per revolution. The volume is defined by the angle of rotation of the rotor.

The flow direction is reversible by changing the direction of rotation, ensuring the pump curve is stable, pulsation-free and linear. This feature enables users to understand the ratio between revolution, time and volume rate, resulting in dosing accuracy of 99% at the pump outlet (depending on the fluid).

ViscoTec’s dosing chamber keeps the volume constant during motion, dispensing solid-containing fluids and shear-sensitive, chunky products.

In more than 95% of applications, there is no need for filling or dosing valves as a short reverse motion at the end of the dosing process prevents dripping.

About ViscoTec dosing systems

ViscoTec serves a range of industries, including the pharmaceutical, medical, biochemistry, automotive, aerospace, electronic engineering, food and cosmetic sectors.

Clients benefit from the company’s technology as it provides reliable, accurate and fast dosing that helps to increase the quality of their products.

For each application, the client receives comprehensive advice from ViscoTec specialists and experts to achieve the best results. The company offers support and an optimum service to guarantee that products are tailored to match the application.

ViscoTec won the ‘Bayerns Best 50’ award in 2014 and the ‘Best of Industriepreis’ award in 2015.

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