Preservatives can cause various allergic reactions such as atopic or contact dermatitis. They have negative effects on the microbiome of the skin and can damage human epithelial cells. Health authorities around the world recommend the development and use of preservative free pharmaceuticals, medical devices and cosmetics. We are dedicated to support the global health care industry in avoiding preservatives in any kind dermal of product.

We develop cosmetics according to the principle “less is more” and use innovative, effective and very well tolerated ingredients. Preservatives of any kind do not make sense in this context, that’s why we formulate entirely without them. Our innovative dosage systems also enable you to neglecting the non-declarable substances in cosmetic products. URSATEC makes it possible, you can finally make the statement “100% free of preservatives”.

The product “Gel with Hyaluronic + Azelaic Acid” is a unique combination of hyaluronic and azelaic acid which acts as an anti-acne agent. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and reduces annoying skin reddening rapidly. The gel reduces the growth and spread of acne bacteria and slows down the excessive growth of cornea forming and other skin cells in acne. “Gel with Hyaluronic + Azelaic Acid” regulates skin oil overproduction and normalizes the appearance of the skin.

Thanks to the COMFORT® system, which is an airless dispenser that guarantees a 100% preservative-free application, we can offer maximum protection against microbial contamination, even after long-term use. The use of this special dosage system enables microbiome-friendly formulations due to the lack of preservatives.