Lint Free Cleanroom Wipes

High Quality Cleanroom Wipes Made in the US

Wipes from Cleanroom Connection come in various non-shedding materials.

Cleanroom Connection is a cleanroom supplies manufacturer and representative for a number of high quality brands made in America. Criti-Clean, Kimberly Clark KimTech, Texwipe, and Contec cleanroom wipes are stocked, and ready to ship at guaranteed lowest prices.

Ordering custom sizes of most wipes is possible. Categories of lint free cleanroom wipes made from non-shedding materials include dry, pre-saturated, and sterile.

Laundered polyester cleanroom wipes are most commonly used in Class 10 through Class 100 critical environments. They are triple cleanroom-laundered, individually inspected, and double cleanroom-bagged inside a Class 10 or Class 100 manufacturing cleanroom facility. These soft, lint-free wipes can be used on abrasive surfaces, and are compatible with all chemicals. Sterile polyester wipes are also available.

Nonwoven polycellulose wipes made with a low-linting polycellulose and polyester blend give the texture of a smooth paper wipe. They are used for basic wiping and cleaning in most pharmacy cleanroom applications. Being virtually tear-proof, they are well-suited for cleaning smooth and non-abrasive surfaces. Sterile polycellulose wipes are also in stock.

Foam cleanroom wipes are constructed from an open-cell 100ppi (pores per inch) poly foam that is clean processed. These wipes can absorb and retain 30 times their weight in liquid, and then release to be used again. Clean-Foam wipes available in more than 50 sizes, as well as in sponge form.

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