Upgrades vials to a prefilled syringe.

The SuperCapSyringe® product family upgrades vials to a prefilled syringe. Based on a modular design, this syringe is fully adaptable to your application needs.

It is supplied in different sizes and with staked needles including a passive safety device.

Today, two thirds of parenteral drugs sold in vials are liquid. Especially for cytostatic drugs, the procedure required to go through by healthcare professionals can be not only cumbersome but also requires special attention as often the preparation needs to take place under laminar flow. The preparation and administration of liquid drugs requires today as many as 16 individual steps.

There is also substantial potential for contaminations and handling errors, including needle stick injuries as single-use syringes are commonly not available with a passive safety systems.

The drug is contained in its original vial, which is pierced to the vial adaptor. The drug is then drawn into a SuperCapSyringe® for injection. After withdrawal of the syringe, a passive safety system slides over the needle providing highest safety levels against needle stick injuries.

NIOSH alerted the market to prevent occupational exposures to antineoplastic and other hazardous drugs in healthcare settings. In addition, market feedback is confirming that regulatory bodies and state health agencies are requiring this in their guide lines.