Nucleo Life Sciences is a modern and state-of-the-art contract development and research lab (CRO) based in San Rafael, CA.

It covers all phases of small molecule drug product development.

The founders have a long history of using the Gerteis line of pharmaceutical roller compactors for developing and scaling up high volume pharmaceutical products at various manufacturing plants all over the world.

Pharmaceutical roller compaction is an efficient dry granulation process used to increase the particle size of poorly flowing powders by compacting them into a ribbon or compact. This compacted material is then milled to increase the particle size and producing a blend that is free-flowing and suitable for tablet compression, capsule filling, or filling into sachets. Gerteis is the Swiss manufacturer of advanced high-quality roller compactor and has set the global standard with their unique design of dry granulation technology.

“When we moved our lab from San Francisco to San Rafael the Gerteis Mini-Pactor was the first piece of equipment installed in the pilot plant,” recalls Mark Menning, PhD, CEO of Nucleo Life Sciences. “Having the proper equipment in our facility allows us to perform our prototyping then produce GMP supplies using the same equipment. If the product scales up to a larger batch size or a commercial facility, we can simply take the recipes in house then transfer it directly to the contract manufacturer (CMO).”

“When selecting equipment vendors, customer support is a critical part of the relationship,” said Lara Park Menning, COO of Nucleo Life Sciences. “We prioritize client support in our company so we expect the same level of support and passion from our equipment partners. Gerteis has always exceeded with their technical expertise and support. Their machines are indestructible with high performance output.”

Pharmaceutical roller compaction is becoming an increasingly important agglomeration technology for the production of granules, as the pharmaceutical industry looks at ways in which it can introduce lean manufacturing to reduce its R&D and manufacturing costs by QbD. Please contact Nucleo Life Sciences at to discuss your next roller compaction formulation development project.