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Automation, Process Control and Manufacturing Execution Systems

Zenith Technologies

Zenith Technologies is a leader in global technology, specialising in the production of automation, process control and manufacturing execution systems (MES).

We aim to improve our customers' performance across the manufacturing enterprise by applying our innovative technologies and our knowledge of the industry.

This is achieved by concentrating on the full lifecycle of a solution, which accomplishes significant financial and operational benefits for our customer base, such as:

  • Flexible solutions
  • Improved operator skills
  • Increased process understanding
  • Performance improvements
  • Quality assurance
  • Reduced costs
  • Repeatability
  • Total compliance

Automation solutions for life sciences

Zenith Technologies is leading global provider of independent automation solutions, which focuses on life sciences. We employ a large team of experienced automation engineers, who delivers high-quality solutions across all major automation technology platforms, operating within a tough quality management system (QMS) designed in accordance with ISO 9001 and Good Automated Manufacturing Proactive (GAMP).

Zenith combines its extensive life science process knowledge with the current technologies, resulting in robust and cost-efficient solutions for our clients.

We cover the entire lifecycle of the project, starting from concept to operations, and our work brings together the software, hardware,IT and integration elements.

Delivery management of IT and automation departments

Zenith offers clients a managed service (MS) is a unique tool where we become responsible for the delivery element of their automation and IT departments.

We efficiently supervise our client's automation support and optimise the costs of their systems. In doing so, the departmental line manager can concentrate on customer support and the overall requirements of the business.

Under our MS, Zenith offers additional services, such as automation consultancy, product management and systems validation, as well as training, software change controls and frontline automation support.

Automation software commissioning and qualification

Zenith Technologies makes sure that the automation software commissioning and qualification stage is successful once it has been designed, developed and delivered to the client.

Our commissioning and qualification process is summarised as follows:

  • Commission:
    • Calibration assessment and planning
    • Commissioning management
    • I/O point checks
    • Loop tuning
    • Resourcing commissioning teams
    • Software delivery, hardware installation and site acceptance testing
  • Qualification:
    • Installation qualification (IQ) and operational qualification (OQ) test execution
    • Performance qualification (PQ) testing support
    • Qualification management
    • Quality assurance services
    • Test planning
    • Test specification generation
    • Test summary reports
    • Validation support
  • Operations:
    • Configuration master plans
    • System backups
    • System handover
    • Systems procedures
      • Backup and restore
      • Disaster recovery
      • Change management

Specialised manufacturing execution system (MES) services

At Zenith Technologies, MES consultancy, implementation and support accounts for over a third of our business. We provide business knowledge and expertise, project support, solution realisation and sustainment services, world class resources, and practical application of our experience directly to Life Science companies.

We are specialists in providing life science specific MES functionality, including electronic batch record, weigh and dispense, OEE, serialization and performance monitoring solutions.

Zenith Technologies consultants help clients restructure their operational structures, technology systems and optimise performance in core production process to achieve excellence in order to minimise time and costs.

Cloud-based environmental, health and safety (EHS) products and services

Incidentcontrolroom.com™ is our secure, fully hosted EHS solution. Available for cloud and mobile platforms, it allows large organisations to effectively manage emergencies by enabling informed decisions and efficient communications. The tool also automatically generates incident reports and key performance indicators (KPIs).

About Zenith Technologies

Zenith Technologies specialises in independent industrial IT solutions, which are specifically focused in life sciences, pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

Founded in 1998, Zenith has 14 offices worldwide with more than 400 employees, who deliver more than 5,000 combined years of engineering experience.

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