Nymi™ Authenticator Device Solution for Increased Security Across Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Nymi™ delivers a wearable, multi-factor authenticator device that improves security and regulatory compliance in pharmaceutical manufacturing environments.

The company’s enterprise security solutions combine biometrics with durable hardware to increase productivity and keep businesses safe.

Wearable multi-factor authenticator device for pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities

Nymi™’s biometric-based user-authentication device Nymi Enterprise Edition™ addresses critical business needs for data integrity and productivity. It is designed to replace existing point-in-time authentication models, which are often used in manufacturing environments.

This innovative wearable device ensures that staff are continuously authenticated throughout their workday. This provides an enterprise and its regulators with genuine e-signatures to authenticate actions performed in production and laboratory settings. Multi-factor biometric authentication also ensures that each Nymi Band™ only works while on the wrist of an approved operator. Once authenticated, this cannot be transferred.

Wearable authenticator device for increased productivity

Operator logins and e-signatures are a significant area for productivity improvements. These time-consuming, repetitive actions not only hinder production but interrupt operator workflow. Nymi Band™ Enterprise Edition offers secure, non-reproducible wireless authentication to replace the need for passwords and paper signatures. Logins are replaced with a single action that takes a few seconds.This increases operator productivity alongside security.

The time saved by reducing login times and removing user authentication errors (failed usernames and passwords) leads to dramatic increases in efficiency for manufacturing environments.

Nymi Band™ users have persistent authentication that is fully functional when wearing gloves, cleanroom garments, or clean suits. It provides seamless interaction with manufacturing execution systems (MES) and general operator satisfaction.

Manufacturing staff authentication using biometric modalities

The Nymi Band™ is designed to increase a company’s security, authenticating single assigned users based on a variety of biometric sensors. Authentication is only required once at the beginning of a shift, completes in a matter of seconds, and persists until the operator removes the Nymi Band™.

Designed to meet security and privacy requirements, the user’s biometric information is only stored locally on the band and not on a server or Cloud. Nymi™’s secure, independently reviewed architecture and hardware ensures tamper-resistant cryptographic operations that protect confidential data and certificates.

Nymi Enterprise Edition™ ensures the integrity of data through a combination of biometrics, on-body detection, and strong industry-standard cryptography.

Multi-factor authentication for increased security in pharmaceutical manufacturing

Nymi™’s authentication technologies help pharmaceutical manufacturers to increase security and improve compliance with international regulatory requirements.

Only specific employees can perform certain tasks, at the required times and for the right reasons. This provides data integrity that assures compliance with standards such as the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 21 CFR Part 11.

Nymi Enterprise Edition™ also provides real-time, on-demand traceability and secure electronic records, allowing for simpler and less intrusive audits.

Innovative digital security solution for MES

Nymi™ understands that manufacturing environments require massive investment, so its products support the move to digitisation and reduce friction in the use of MES. Nymi Enterprise Edition™ seamlessly integrates with existing identity management solutions for ease of deployment with minimal changes to IT and operational environments.

The company’s security architecture can be integrated with MES in highly regulated production industries to remove the burden of authentication from the user, while increasing accountability and eliminating failed logins.

Nymi™ has developed partnerships with industry leaders such as Evidian and Werum, allowing Nymi™ to access multiple software systems with a single login and with no custom integration required.

Enterprise architecture for secure communication

The architecture of the Nymi™ Solution comprises several components that ensure functionality, security and ease-of-use.

The Nymi™ Enterprise Server is a database and collection of services that allow secure communication between bands, shop floor terminals and backend enterprise software such as single sign-on (SSO), MES and active director (AD) while managing certificates. It also includes an administrator console, allowing IT administrators to manage individual users, Nymi Bands™, and policies. All of this is confidential, and the information remains proprietary to you (not Nymi™).

The Nymi™ Software Development Kit (SDK) allows for the integration of Nymi Band™ functions into common enterprise software, or virtually any relying party. This software facilitates access to Nymi Bands™, including certificate management.

About Nymi™

Nymi™ was founded in 2011 following the publication of research conducted at the University of Toronto that focused on the unique properties of electrocardiograms (ECG).

Nymi™ initially focused on licensing the ECG recognition software to third parties and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to replace passwords. However, the team identified a new on-body authentication model, which had the potential to replace existing tools.

To bring this new concept to market, Nymi™ developed dedicated authentication hardware that became a foundation for the Nymi Band™ and Nymi Enterprise Edition™, which addresses niche issues in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

As the march towards Industry 4.0 continues, and the Industrial Internet of Things sees more and more connected devices on the shop floor, the need for secure authentication is becoming greater and greater. Nymi™’s involvement with four out of the top ten global pharmaceutical companies has provided it with deep subject matter expertise, so that the firm was able to engineer a unique solution to real world enterprise challenges.

Nymi Enterprise Edition™ is tailor made to deliver on the security and compliance mandate that the company’s customers face every day. It is proven to lead to productivity improvements and enhanced security, as well as meets compliance requirements in pharmaceutical production.

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Mind the Gap: Security and Privacy Webinar

Today’s Pharma employee is highly trained, experienced and outfitted with innovative tools to imagine, strategise and manufacture tomorrow’s solutions. However, they’re hindered by yesterday’s infrastructure.

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Authentication Device with Biometric Security for Enhanced Data Integrity

Nymi’s enterprise security solution for pharmaceutical facilities uses the security of biometrics with a secure authenticator with hardware security to keep businesses safe and productive.

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