Nymi™ Authentication Solution for Increased Security Across Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Nymi™ delivers biometric authentication solutions to pharmaceutical companies for improved security and regulatory compliance in manufacturing environments.

The company looks to replace the point-in-time authentication model often used in pharmaceutical manufacturing environments with one that sees its users in a continuously authenticated state throughout their workday.

The Nymi Band™ is an innovative, wearable authentication device that allows an enterprise and its regulators’ full knowledge of who has access to facilities, equipment and applications.

Wearable multi-factor authenticator for pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities

The Nymi Band™ can also be integrated with manufacturing execution systems (MES) in highly regulated production industries to remove the burden of authentication from the user while increasing accountability and non-repudiation.

Manufacturing staff authentication using biometric modalities

The Nymi Band™ is designed to increase a company’s security, authenticating individuals based on a variety of biometric modalities, including HeartID™ and Apple’s Touch ID®.

HeartID™ is an authentication technology that employs cutting-edge signal processing and machine learning algorithms to determine a user’s identification based on electrocardiogram (ECG) patterns. In addition, medical heart conditions and heart-rate modifying activities such as caffeine consumption and exercise do not impact HeartID™’s performance as the system is able to ignore low-frequency anomalies and adapt to major changes in cardiac rhythm.

For security and privacy purposes, users’ biometric information is only stored locally on the band and not on the server or in the Cloud.

Multi-factor authentication for increased security in pharmaceutical manufacturing

Nymi™’s authentication technologies help pharmaceutical manufacturers to increase security and improve compliance with international regulatory requirements such as the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 21 CFR Part 11.

In addition, the product provides greater information technology (IT) control by combining many types of authentication in one device, which can replace multi-app approaches that cause user friction and decreased efficiency.

Key attributes of the Nymi Band™ include:

  • Authentication continues until the device is removed from the wrist
  • The device validates identity using a biometric sensor
  • It has secure hardware for tamper-resistant cryptographic operations
  • User profiles are stored locally and data is protected
  • The device provides real-time, on-demand traceability

About Nymi™

Nymi™ was founded in 2011 following the publication of research conducted at the University of Toronto that focused on the unique properties of ECG.

Nymi™ initially focused on licensing the ECG recognition software to third-parties and original equipment manufacturers to replace passwords. However, the team identified the new on-body authentication model, which had the potential to replace existing tools.

To bring this new concept to market, Nymi™ developed dedicated authentication hardware that became a foundation for the Nymi Band™.

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The Nymi™ Band

This white paper provides the reader with an overview of the Nymi Band™ and how it works. 

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Nymi Inc.

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