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OnAsset Intelligence

Global Real-Time Tracking and Monitoring Solutions for Facilities and Goods in Transit

8407 Sterling St,
TX 75063,
United States of America

8407 Sterling St,
TX 75063,
United States of America

OnAsset provides asset visibility solutions with products that actively track and monitor supply chains worldwide.

We understand what it takes to successfully deploy and support a global asset visibility program. Our flexible product architecture works across all transport modes.

Internet of Things (IoT) connected shipments

OnAsset solutions enable companies to rethink the management of their supply chain. OnAsset delivers a turnkey IoT connectivity solution for global real-time monitoring of pharmaceuticals and life sciences products. From the point of manufacture to the final mile, we harness the IoT for fully compliant piece level visibility of location, temperature, humidity, shock and light.

The integrated package comprises small autonomous trackers, placed in facilities and consignments supported by a Cloud-based management platform with comprehensive visualisation and full data integration using enterprise-grade API and APPs for Edge Intelligence.

Aviation-compliant monitoring solutions

The OnAsset SENTRY 500 FlightSafe® is an autonomous tracker and monitor measuring temperature, shock and light with cellular connectivity in more than 190 countries. Placed in consignments, it delivers location and sensor reports around the clock globally.

SENTRY is a multimodal device, which meets international aviation compliance requirements and is accepted for carriage by almost all airlines around the world.

Autonomous product stability data

Sentinel is a small, robust long-life Bluetooth monitor that measures temperature, humidity, shock and light. It communicates with SENTRY or any smart device to pass real-time data to the OAInight Cloud.

Sentinel is low-cost and reusable for cost-effective piece level tracking and monitoring. It is also available as a data logger with calibration. In this format, it enables piece level time-out-of-refrigeration (TOR) data acquisition and associated alarms for real-time product stability assessments.

Integration-first mindset and modular design focus

OnAsset is a hardware and software original equipment manufacturer (OEM) with an understanding of all components involved to create and deliver global product visibility.

We serve hundreds of customers worldwide, including shippers, logistics providers, airlines, system integrators, technology providers and packaging companies. Our integration-first mindset and modular design allow us to adapt to our clients’ evolving needs, with an assurance of robust enterprise-grade execution.

Adaptation and scaling to operations and requirements

Each business has its unique characteristics. Using our flexible product architecture, we adapt and scale to individual operation and requirements. There are several ways to deploy and realise the power of edge intelligence. Our solution specialists work alongside customers to develop a distinctive plan to address supply chain integrity and asset visibility challenges.

Facilities monitoring

Sentinel has an extensive transmission range and is ideally suited to deliver wireless temperature and humidity data throughout the facility. Real-time monitoring is enabled through the OAInsight platform with extensive alarm and alert functions. Our API enables fast track systems integration.

Sentinel’s temperature range is -45°C to 85°C. Sentinel Anchors pair with Sentinels Loggers as they pass and create autonomous chain-of-custody data records. They are ideal for monitoring presence in a chamber or proximity to an access point, vehicle or any other reference where an audit trail is required.

Real-Time Facilities Monitoring and Data Logging

OnAsset solutions enable visibility throughout storage facilities. Using Sentinel tags, rooms and assets can be constantly monitored, and the data used for tracking, predicting and alerting excursions. From one cold room to an entire storage complex, there are no limits to the areas that can be covered.

SENTRY 500 FlightSafe

​The SENTRY 500 FlightSafe® can be used for tracking any type of shipment via any method of transportation. 

Vision Platform

Vision™ is an enterprise-grade, software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that allows you to manage your mobile assets fast and effectively, with no software to install to get started.

Hybrid Solutions

We can provide customised and enhanced supply chain monitoring solutions to support your specific needs.


Based on low cost and globally-standardised Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, the Sentinel 100 tags offers cost-effective piece-level tracking with long battery life.

IoT Tracking and Monitoring

The transport process involves the expedited movement of material from the patient to the manufacturing facility and then the return to the patient.

OnAsset Intelligence

8407 Sterling St


TX 75063

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OnAsset Intelligence

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