Gerresheimer Group Pharmaceutical Plastic and Glass Packaging

Gerresheimer is a leading global partner to the pharma and healthcare industry. With speciality glass and plastic products, Gerresheimer contributes to health and well-being. The company has worldwide operations and 11,000 employees manufacture the products in local markets, close to customers.

Pharmaceutical packaging for medicines and cosmetics

With more than 40 plants in Europe, North America, South America and Asia, Gerresheimer generates revenues of approximately €1.3bn. The comprehensive product portfolio includes pharmaceutical packaging and products for the safe, simple administration of medicines, including insulin pens, inhalers, pre-fillable syringes, injection vials, ampoules, bottles and containers for liquid and solid medicines with closure and safety systems, as well as packaging for the cosmetics industry.

Customised plastics and devices for safe drug delivery

The Plastics & Devices division’s product portfolio includes complex, customer-specific products for convenient and safe drug delivery, such as insulin pens, inhalers and pre-fillable syringes. Diagnostics and medical technology products ranging from lancing devices and test systems, to plastic packaging for liquid and solid pharmaceuticals with closure and safety systems, are also manufactured by this division.

The Plastics & Devices division is composed of the Medical Plastic Systems, Plastic Packaging and Syringe Systems business units.

Complex plastic systems and system components

Medical Plastic Systems develops complex plastic systems and system components. Gerresheimer designs and manufactures them within the framework of individual projects, mainly for customers in the pharmaceutical, diagnostics and medical technology sectors.

Medical Plastic Systems provides an individual service across all supply chain processes. The medical plastic systems range extends from inhalers for the targeted treatment of respiratory diseases, lancing devices and insulin pen systems for diabetes sufferers to a wide range of test systems and disposable products for laboratory and molecular diagnostics.

Plastic bottles and closures

Plastic Packaging’s portfolio includes plastic packaging systems for liquid and solid pharmaceuticals. Administration and dosing systems such as eye drop or nasal spray bottles and special containers for tablets and powder are some of the products in our comprehensive range of high quality primary pharmaceutical packaging. Duma® brand multifunctional closures with tamper-evident seals, child-resistant and senior-friendly closures and integrated moisture absorbers are key product features in the Plastic Packaging range.

Syringe systems

Syringe Systems supplements the other two business units’ portfolios with pre-fillable plastic and glass syringe systems and the relevant accessories. Our highly specialised expertise and pharma-compliant technologies enable us to offer high quality primary packaging products to our customers in the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors.

We generate most of our syringe system revenues with our leading Gx RTF® (Ready to Fill) brand syringes. These syringes are supplied by us to the pharma industry in a wide range of designs and in a ready-to-fill state after washing, siliconisation, pre-assembly and sterilisation.

Glass for primary packaging of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

The Primary Packaging Glass Division manufactures glass primary packaging products for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics such as pharmaceutical jars, ampoules, vials, cartridges, perfume flacons and cosmetic cream jars, as well as special glass packaging for the food and beverage industry.

Gerresheimer has an extensive range of glass primary packaging products for the pharmaceutical industry. It includes moulded glass products such as vials, dropper and syrup bottles in diverse market and needs-oriented designs.

The company also produces borosilicate tubing as the input material for our high-quality speciality ampoules, vials and cartridges. As a result, Gerresheimer is able to offer an almost fully comprehensive range of transparent and amber glass for pharmaceutical packaging.

Reusable glassware for beakers, tubes, pipettes and vials

The Life Science Research Division produces reusable laboratory glassware for research, development and analytics, such as beakers, Erlenmeyer flasks and measuring cylinders, as well as disposable laboratory products such as culture tubes, pipettes, chromatography vials and other specialty laboratory glassware.

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Press Release

Injection Vials for Vaccines for Protection Against Covid-19

Covid-19 vaccines under development to protect from the disease are, like numerous other drugs, filled in injection or vials comprised of type 1 borosilicate glass.

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Developing Drug Delivery Devices for Start-up Companies

As a leading manufacturer of drug delivery devices, Gerresheimer counts many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies among its customers.

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Press Release

2 July 2020

Covid-19 vaccines under development to protect from the disease are, like numerous other drugs, filled in injection or vials comprised of type 1 borosilicate glass.

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11 May 2020

Hand sanitisers are currently urgently needed everywhere to protect against infection from coronavirus.

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6 May 2020

The two Gerresheimer production locations of Horšovský Týn and Pfreimd have been awarded gold status for the year 2019 by the customer AstraZeneca.

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27 April 2020

Gerresheimer Group company Centor Inc has laid the foundations for a brand new warehouse covering a total area of 72,000m2.

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6 April 2020

Hand sanitiser is currently a scarce commodity. Malteser Hilfsdienst, a German aid organisation is now feeling the effect of this, as are many other health care facilities.

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3 February 2020

As a leading specialist in drug packaging and administration, Gerresheimer has been a part of Pharmapack for many years.

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21 January 2020

Gerresheimer Medical Systems, together with US-based Portal Instruments, has manufactured a new primary drug container for use in needle-free automatic injection systems.

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9 January 2020

As a leading provider of speciality pharmaceutical packaging, Gerresheimer also specialises in manufacturing pharmaceutical containers made from type II glass.

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16 December 2019

Gerresheimer has been positioned strongly in India for many years through Kundli’s Triveni Polymers Pvt Ltd.

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26 November 2019

Drugs are not intended to fall into the hands of children. However, in case this ever happens, it is essential to restrict them from being able to open the receptacles by fastening them with child-resistant caps.

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29 October 2019

The Gx Elite vials and Gx RTF vials will be setting a new standard for type I vials made from borosilicate glass at booth 111B10 at CPhl Worldwide in Frankfurt from 5-7 November.

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28 October 2019

Gerresheimer in Essen produces many millions of glass containers for the pharmaceutical industry every year. The long-established company has recently completed the routine renovation of its clear-glass furnace.

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7 October 2019

Gerresheimer is driving innovation in pharmaceutical glass, primary packaging glass products, technologies and digitised processes.

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2 September 2019

The 2.25 ml COP (cyclic olefin polymer) SIN (staked in needle) will begin production in September 2019.

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3 July 2019

Sensile Medical has developed a wearable micro-infusion pump for EVER Pharma under the brand name D-mine®.

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17 May 2019

At FCE Pharma in São Paulo, Gerresheimer will be showcasing a complete solution for packaging effervescent vitamin C tablets, which are currently seeing strong demand.

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24 April 2019

Gerresheimer has announced it will showcase innovative primary packaging and drug administration systems at CPhl North America.

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31 January 2019

Gerresheimer will reveal its first snap-on cap with child-resistant (CR) solution at booth B62 at this year's Pharmapack.

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23 January 2019

Portal Instruments and Gerresheimer have announced they will be presenting a joint presentation titled: 'New Meets Old: Challenges and Solutions with Developing a Custom Primary Container'.

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4 December 2018

In July of this year, Gerresheimer acquired Sensile Medical, expanding its business model to become an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for drug delivery platforms with digital and electronic capabilities.

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10 October 2018

The Gx Elite vials have set new standards for Type 1 borosilicate glass vials. They are the result of comprehensive optimisation measures in the conversion process, which have focused on designing out the risk to create product flaws during production, including the removal of all glass-to-glass or glass-to-metal-contact beginning with the tubing material all the way through final packaging.

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19 September 2018

Gerresheimer has announced it is expanding its range of services to include surface finishing of plastic packaging for ophthalmology and rhinology products with irradiation.

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12 September 2018

By acquiring Switzerland-based Sensile Medical in July this year, Gerresheimer is expanding its business model to become an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for drug delivery platforms with digital and electronic capabilities.

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30 August 2018

Gerresheimer Gx Solutions is developing packaging solutions for the complex injectable drugs of tomorrow.

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15 August 2018

Gerresheimer develops and produces innovative drug delivery systems and medical and diagnostic products for prestigious international customers.

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3 August 2018

With a total of 13 sites across Asia for its range of glass and plastic products, Gerresheimer has announced it will be attending the Medipharm Expo this month.

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12 July 2018

Gerresheimer has announced it expects increased growth and profitability mid-term due to two new major orders with temporarily higher capital index (capex) / organic revenue guidance 2018 narrowed to the upper end of the range.

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19 June 2018

Gerresheimer is presenting new products such as the Gx InnoSafe, the metal-free ready-to-fill (RTF) syringe, and RTF vials at the CPhI China trade fair in Shanghai.

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22 May 2018

Gerresheimer has announced that is has expanded its production capabilities at its plastic primary packaging manufacturing site in Anápolis, Goiás, Brazil.

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17 May 2018

Gerresheimer’s Indian plants produce glass vials, ampoules and bottles that are specially designed for the storage of high-quality drugs.

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26 March 2018

Gerresheimer has announced it will be attending CPhI South East Asia, where it will be showcasing a range of innovations and company news, including the opening of its new tubular glass production plant in India for producing MultiShell vials.

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15 March 2018

Gerresheimer’s booth at the PDA Annual Meeting will focus on innovative glass and plastic vials for parenteral drugs that place high demands on the barrier properties and the safety of their primary packaging.

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8 March 2018

Gerresheimer offers pharmaceutical and medical technology products of plastics and glass in its medical systems business unit.

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27 February 2018

The Gx Elite vials are type I vials that meet high standards. Made from borosilicate glass, the vials prevent any glass-to-glass and glass-to-metal contact. The chemical composition of the borosilicate glass is still the same. Gerresheimer will be showcasing its Gx Elite vials at booth 36 at the PDA in Rome on February 27 and 28. 

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2 February 2018

Gerresheimer has announced will be presenting its Duma Standard CR container, which features Handy Cap CR at Pharmapack.

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31 January 2018

Gerresheimer has announced it will be attending the Pharma Expo Dhaka trade fair in Bangladesh, focusing on pharmaceutical primary packaging made from glass.

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8 January 2018

Dr Lukas Burkhardt has been appointed to the management board of Gerresheimer effective 1 January.

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13 December 2017

Gerresheimer will present their passive integrated safety system for avoiding needlestick injuries at Pharmapack in Paris.

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28 November 2017

Gerresheimer has announced it will be showcasing glass and plastic pharmaceutical packaging products that are Food and Drug Administration (FDA) registered and manufactured to stringent quality standards to the trade public at CPhI in Mumbai, India.  

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14 November 2017

Gerresheimer has announced that production of its US dropper bottles with a fixed TE-ring will be operational in Q3.

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9 November 2017

Gerresheimer Medical Systems has announced it will be attending the Compamed trade fair in Düsseldorf

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28 September 2017

Gerresheimer will be presenting its new type 1 borosilicate glass vial, Gx Elite, at CPhI Worldwide.

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24 September 2017

With their exposed cannulas, used syringes are an omnipresent source of danger in medical practices, labs, or hospitals.

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6 September 2017

One of the most talked-about highlights from Gerresheimer's LuxePack trade fair showcase is opal glass.

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3 September 2017

Gerresheimer is pleased to announce it will be showcasing for the first time at this year's the Pack Expo trade fair, which is due to take place from 27-29 September in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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27 August 2017

Gerresheimer is pleased to announce it will be showcasing its tubular glass packaging at the Pharmed & Healthcare event from 20-23 September in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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10 July 2017

Gerresheimer is delighted to announce it was presented with the Best Supplier Award from its business partner Mäurer & Wirtz last month.

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16 March 2016

Gerresheimer has released the first eco-friendly plastic containers for pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications, BioPack.

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10 February 2016

Gerresheimer AG sustained its successful trend through the third quarter of the financial year.

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9 November 2015

Gerresheimer AG has successfully wrapped up its refinancing with the launch of a debt issue (Schuldschein) for a total amount of €425m.

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10 February 2015

Temperature peaks in the manufacturing process are the main cause of delamination in tubular glass vials, which was discovered in a long-term study conducted by Gerresheimer AG and the Alfred University in New York.

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9 February 2015

People who use eye drops know how difficult they are to put in safely without assistance.

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8 February 2015

Developers at Gerresheimer believe in making good products better, and are presenting an improved Duma Twist-Off container called Duma Twist-Off Advanced for solid pharmaceuticals.

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20 May 2014

Gerresheimer is one of only a few companies in the world to offer its customers both glass and COP syringes.

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20 May 2014

Gerresheimer has developed an interface for the integration of glass syringes in autoinjectors. It has now filed a patent application for its Gx G-Fix standard adapter for precise and reliable positioning of syringes.

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20 May 2014

The first time that most of us see a syringe and needle we are small babies and our mothers have taken us to the doctor to be vaccinated. Yet it is isn't just children who need vaccinations. For some diseases, we have to get vaccinated again as adults because the original vaccinations stop being effective after 20 years or so.

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11 February 2014

The new Gx MultiShell Plastic Vials overcome the specific limitations of plastic vials and combine superior properties of plastic and glass containers to a high-end container for parenterals.

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11 February 2014

The American Academy of Ophthalmology endorses the uniform use of a colour-coding system for caps and labels on topical ocular medications. Topical medications are applied locally, for example eye drops and nasal drops.

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11 February 2014

Glass ampoules are ideal as a packaging for many cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. Gerresheimer incorporates its many years of experience in the meticulous production of ampoules to guarantee that they are safe to use and always in optimum quality.

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7 April 2010

At this year's INTERPHEX, which will take place 20-22 April at the Jacob K Javits Convention Center in New York, Gerresheimer Plastic Packaging will be exhibiting its range of pharmaceutical plastic packaging products. Gerresheimer specialises in pharmaceutical and healthcare containers

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14 January 2010

Tubular glass, moulded glass, plastic, intelligent syringe systems, high-quality vials and bottles, smart safety and application solutions: the whole world of pharma packaging was united in the Gerresheimer Group at Pharmtech Moscow, which was held at the Crocus Expo Center 24–27 November 2009. G

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7 January 2010

The Gerresheimer Group recently expanded its activities in the pharmaceutical plastic business, through two strategically significant investments in the US and Europe. In September 2009 the company almost simultaneously opened a new research and development centre for medical plastic systems in t

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8 November 2007

Gerresheimer receives the WorldStar for innovative pharma closures New standards for safety and economy Nomination for the President's Award For a highly innovative pharma closure system under the Duma trademark, Gerresheimer after receiving the 2007 German Packaging

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19 October 2006

Everything from a single source for the pharmaceutics industry: the Gerresheimer Group again consistently builds on this principle in its plastic packaging business. The latest result of this development is a new tamper-evident closure system for tablet containers, which Gerresheimer manufactures

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