The current HygroFlex7 series, based on the new AirChip3000 technology, distinguishes itself not only because of its precise measurement technology but also – thanks to its solid metal housing – defies the most adverse conditions. This measuring instrument is perfectly suited for use in harsh industrial environments.

The Rotronic engineers have managed to make the HygroFlex7 even better than its predecessor. For example, the HygroFlex7 with a cable-mounted probe can withstand temperatures of -100°C to 150°C whereas the wall version can be integrated into applications covering the range of -80°C to 100°C. The humidity range is 0% – 100% RH. The humidity accuracy is ±1% RH and the temperature accuracy within ±0.2K.

The model range is available as a wall, cable and duct version and can be provided with the optional HW4 software. Many useful functions can be activated such as an automatic sensor test or drift compensation. In addition to that the output signals are freely scalable.

The HygroFlex7 measuring instrument is perfectly suited for any industrial applications; it is convincing in process monitoring and in environments such as building management. Subway and tunnel construction also benefit greatly from the services provided by the HygroFlex7.

To get detailed information on the HygroFlex7 series please visit the company’s website.