ECOCOOL Thermocovers, Insulated Shipper Boxes and Custom Cooling Elements for Pharmaceutical Goods Cargo

Ecocool's storage containers are suited to the shipment of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical goods.

ECOCOOL is a manufacturer and supplier of packaging materials for cool chain reliability in the pharmaceutical supply chain. A wide range of thermocovers and other thermal-protective packagings are available, as well as a range of pre-qualified insulated shipper boxes for the 2°C-8°C range.

The company understands the needs of the pharmaceutical industry for high-quality and efficient shipments. It also understands its products as part of the logistics chain, meaning quick order processing and short lead times.

Thermocovers for palletised air-freight pharmaceutical shipments

ECOCOOL’s thermocovers range from light-weight, single-use ECO-LIGHT, to the robust and handling friendly standard solution ECO-SAFE, to solutions for the highest demands of temperature control ECO-SAFE+ and ECO-SAFE++.

The use of ECOCOOL’s thermocovers or thermal blankets minimises temperature excursions during transit times for palletised air-freight. The covers are an essential tool to bridge critical interfaces during the logistics chain, thereby helping to comply with good distribution practice (GDP) regulations and preserving product integrity.

Pre-qualified GDP compliant insulated shipper boxes

ECOCOOL offers a range of pre-qualified insulated shipper boxes for the 2°C-8°C temperature range. Its standard products are cost-efficient solutions for 72 hour shipments. Optional phase-change material (PCM) cooling elements are available when increased performance is required, such as for longer runtimes.

Pharmaboxes are ECOCOOL’s pre-qualified cooling packaging, which are also in accordance with GDP requirements. This product allows for secure distribution of refrigerated goods over a period of 72-96 hours.

As a customer-focused company, ECOCOOL is able to provide customer-specific and cost-efficient solutions at very short-notice.

Cooling elements

ECOCOOL is a leading supplier of cooling elements. Its range consists of gel-pack coolpacks, customisable foambricks, hardshell elments, and absorber cooling elements.

The coolpack cooling elements are approved for food contact. Even when frozen, the 2.4 and 1.3 format coolpack elements can be folded. They can also be aesthetically customised with printed or coloured foils. Foambrick cooling elements consist of a foam core filled with cooling agents, such as water or PCMs.

These can also be customised with specific colours or embossing. Available in large (210mm wide) or small (168mm wide) sizes, the elements can handle melting temperatures from 0°C to -18°C.

Temperature monitoring of pharmaceutical goods

ECOCOOL distributes a broad range of temperature dataloggers, offering single and multi-use devices of renowned manufacturers such as Sensitech (TempTale 4 USB) and Imec (TempMate), as well as the innovative SenseAnywhere wireless sensor.

In-house testing and qualification capabilities are available and ECOCOOL is able to provide specific test reports for any required temperature profile. Specific requests can be undertaken by means of the specialised Smart-CAE software, such as lane-specific temperature profiles or risk assessments.

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Case Study: Pharmaceutical Thermocovers for Palletised Air-Freight

ECOCOOL's THERMOCOVER ECO-SAFE ISOHOOD-2L.2 is a double-layer polyethylene bubble foil coated with an aluminium foil on both sides.


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