ILC Dover - Flexible Powder Containment Technologies for the Pharmaceutical Industry
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ILC Dover

Flexible Powder Containment Technologies

ILC Dover offers flexible powder containment technologies, eliminating problems associated with the use of traditional metal and glass systems for the pharmaceutical industry.

One Moonwalker Road,
DE 19946-2080 United States of America

Powder containment technology

ILC Dover offers flexible powder containment technologies, eliminating problems associated with the use of traditional metal and glass systems for the pharmaceutical industry.

The company applies flexible solutions to pharmaceutical potent powder containment during processing of bulk compounds and oral solid dosage manufacturing throughout the industry from North America to Europe and Asia.

Pharmaceutical powder containment

As demonstrated by the Risk-Based Manufacture of Pharmaceutical Products (Risk-MaPP) principles, both current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) and industrial hygiene (IH) needs can be met by containing the process at the source. By employing flexible containment and using the logic diagrams from the Risk-MaPP process, cleaning is minimised and the operator is protected with this engineering control. As such, processes in multi-product facilities can be safely performed without the risk of cross contamination.

Single-use powder handling systems

The DoverPac® containment system is a highly reliable storage solution for disposable products and single-use powders. Suitable for charging and offloading procedures, the system comprises a tough film liner supported by a durable fabric outer restraint.

The liners are formulated to meet client requirements, delivering high elongation performance for ruggedness and strength. This is complemented by a unique blend of anti-static additives, allowing for the safe and secure containment of pharmaceutical products.

Containment services for bulk compound processing

DoverPac® has gained wide acceptance by the pharmaceutical industry for use during processing of bulk compounds. DoverPac® prevents worker exposure to highly potent compounds and can eliminate the need for protective garments and respirators.

The new EZ Biopac is a contaminant and transfer system designed for easy adjustment to different bulk weights. Achieving a precice and quick fill time, the system keeps the discharge outlet seperate from antistatic polymer material resulting in 2g or less residule in a 5kg bag. In addition, the EZ Biopac has a protective bag to help ensure the support stand and exterior are not contaminated.

Continuous contained powder processing

ILC Dover’s flexible containment technologies allow continuous, contained processing utilizing ArmorFlex™ films developed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry. DoverPac® fabrication techniques are based on over 50 years of experience in life-critical product manufacturing.

Containment for potent compounds

Unlike standard flexible intermediate bulk containers that are not designed specifically for potent compound manufacturing, DoverPac® is designed to assist operators in performing operations without ever opening up the system. And, our ISO: 9001 registration assures product quality and operator safety during pharmaceutical potent powder containment operations.

Flexible containment systems

Flexible containment is a validated process that uses high-quality engineered storage products with a five-year shelf-life. They pass Chilworth incendivity tests, contain antistats to prevent powder sticking to the side of the bag, and have a drug master file (DMF) filed with the FDA.

FDA and EU compliant

ILC’s innovative ArmorFlex containment material is compliant with US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and EU requirements:

  • Complies with FDA 21 CFR
  • Meets 2002 / 72 / EC requirements
  • Passes USP 661 physicochemical tests for plastics
  • Passes USP 88 class VI (7 day implant)

Flexible containment systems

Flexible containment is a validated process that utilises quality engineered products designed to meet critical requirements for:

  • Five year shelf-life
  • Permanent antistant replaces migrating additives
  • Passes chilworth incendivity tests
  • Drug master file (DMF) filed with FDA

Upgrade existing facilities for potent compound containment

DoverPac® is one of the fastest growing containment solutions in the industry. Our worldwide clients have appreciated the ability to upgrade existing facilities for potent compound containment during processing. This ability to upgrade has allowed our clients to avoid the capital expense of new equipment and / or facility upgrades. And, the fast turn around to facility upgrading for pharmaceutical containment has meant significant decreases in facility start-up times.

ArmorFlex 114

Using single-use technologies to achieve continuous manufacturing has long been a goal of biomanufacturers.

EZ BioPac

Today, manufacturers are optimising for open-suite facility designs to maximise throughput and profitability.

In-Process Isolator

ILC Dover develops flexible isolators (glove bags) for the pharmaceutical industry. 

Doverpac Containment System

The DoverPac® Containment Systems are the global premier products for disposable process and powder containment systems.  

CrimpLoc by ILC Dover

The CrimpLoc® System provides high containment and secure closure when used with our ArmorFlex® films. 

ILC Dover Manufacturing Facility

In May 2019, ILC Dover opened a manufacturing facility in Ireland to produce the company’s pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical product lines. The plant is designed to strengthen the company's single-use powder handling solutions business.

CoreRX Tampa Facility Expansion

US formulation development company CoreRx Pharmaceuticals (CoreRx), initiated a major expansion of its manufacturing sit

ILC Dover Acquires Solo Containment

ILC Dover, a global leader in the development of single-use flexible solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturing, is pleased to announce the acquisition of UK-based Solo Containment (Solo), a specialist manufacturer of flexible film isolators.

Apollo Continues its Bold Innovation at ILC Dover

The 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing draws near and ILC Dover’s ‘Beyond Boundaries™’ culture continues the bold innovation that put humans on the moon and brought them safely back to earth.

ILC Dover Opens New Production Facility in Cork

Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Deirdre Clune officially opened ILC Dover's new manufacturing facility in Blarney Business Park, Cork alongside ILC Dover CEO and President Fran DiNuzzo.

ILC Dover to Attend Annual MDCHPC Event

ILC Dover has announced it will be showcasing its powder containment technologies at the 9th Annual Miami-Dade County Healthcare Preparedness Coalition Symposium.

Rapid Mixing of Pharmaceutical Powders

ILC Dover has proven the efficacy of its new semi-automated system, which is designed to disaggregate powdered media and buffer powders for superior mixing into a solution.

ILC Dover Performs an RX-360 Audit

ILC Dover has successfully completed an Rx-360 pharmaceutical industry consortium audit for its packaging and supply chain security.

ILC Dover Introduces New CrimpLoc™ System

The new CrimpLoc system is the next generation to provide high containment, secure closure, and easy one-piece crimp removal without any breaking or risk of plastic shards.

ILC Dover to Exhibit at Powtech 2013

ILC Dover welcomes you to our exhibit at Powtech 2013. We will be located in hall 1 at booth 645 for the event in Nürnberg, Germany, which will take place 23-25 April 2013.

New and Improved Crimps for DoverPac Containment Systems

LC Dover is committed to continuous improvement and listening to our customers. We first invented flexible high containment in 1997 and immediately improved the old standard of twist, tie, tape and cut for the separation of the flexible by inventing the crimp system.

The ILC Dover Weigh and Dispense System: A New Era in Dispensing Technology

The ILC Dover weigh and dispense system is a new era in dispensing technology. This modular design has been developed to allow weighing or subdividing materials in a highly contained way while maintaining weighing accuracy. The system can be used for weighing and then directly charging

ILC Dover to Showcase New Containment Equipment at Interphex

As the leader in flexible containment, we offer state-of-the-art containment technology. The DoverPac® films, designs and applications are accepted as the most cost-effective method to achieve high containment. See us at Interphex to discuss your applications and our proven solutions, expect

Contained Blending – Flexible Enclosure Technology

The systems described here center around bin blending and V-Blender applications in oral solids dosage (OSD) manufacturing using flexible enclosures. Blending involves the controlled mixing of dry primary powder particles and excipients. The powders can range in properties and potency and, if not

ILC Dover Introduces Process Area Barrier Curtains

Process area barrier curtains are a useful tool in improving the containment levels in existing installations as a method to reduce operational exposure risk and to restrict access. Examples of these types of applications include, but are not limited to, down flow booth curtains and room access b

ILC Dover Advances Media and Buffer Prep Powder Handling

ILC Dover has announced that its DoverPac® SF family is advancing the state-of-the-art in buffer/media preparation for the biopharmaceutical industry with these single use, flexible systems. By using ILC's durable ArmorFlex® materials, 3D disposable vessels have been created

Flexible Containment with the Bohle BTS 100 Mill Containment System

Particle size reduction is commonly required in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Taking into account today's need to mill highly hazardous compounds in conjunction with the need to minimize capital cost spending, the application of flexible containment to an existing Bohle BTS 100 sieve design demon

ILC Dover Introduces Revolutionary New Contact Film

Frederica, DE – ILC Dover has announced the introduction of a new permanent antistat contact film - ArmorFlex® 114. The rugged ArmorFlex family of films has been the recognized gold standard for materials of contact within the pharmaceutical industry since 1997. ILC

Flexible Containment Solutions: Tray Dryer Enclosure Technology

Tray dryers are a common method of drying wetcakes and granulated drug products, especially in the early product development phase. The issue of containment for this type of process equipment is unique in that open scooping of powder on to multiple trays that get slotted into the dryer one at

ILC Dover to Attend Interphex 2009

Cutting edge flexible containment technologies are a proven solution to achieve containment for retrofit applications, and can be seen at ILC Dover’s stand (number 946) at Interphex in New York from 17 to 19 March 2009. Today’s marketplace and overall economy are putting more pressure t