Company A-Z - Pharmaceutical Technology
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Filtration and Purification Technologies for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Consulting Services for Compliance in Pharmaceutical Quality Management Systems and General Process Optimisation
Climate Control, Security and Quality Management
Professional Regulatory Affairs and Drug Safety Services for Pharmaceutical Companies
Custom Glove Boxes / Isolators
High-Performance Measurement and Analysis Equipment
mHealth and Near-Patient Test Development and Manufacture
R&D, Production, Contract Manufacturing, and Marketing of Pharmaceutical Drugs
Blister-Sealing Packaging Contractor
Software to Maximize your Profitability
Oral Drug Delivery Technologies and Drug Development
Manufacturer of Transdermal Patches and Oral Thin Films
Stainless Steel Clamps and Hygienic Clamp Fittings
Cyclone Systems for API Recovery
Virtual Reality-Based Procedural Training for Life Science and Healthcare Industries
Powder Handling Systems for Pharmaceutical Applications
Temperature-Sensitive Pharmaceutical Freight Services
Air Cargo Transportation Services for Pharmaceutical Products
Moulding, Assembly and Printing Services for the Pharmaceutical and Medical Industries
Custom Synthesis and Contract Drug Discovery Research Services
Aqueous and Powdered Cleaning Detergents for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Your Outsourcing Partner of Choice for Pharmaceutical Product Development and Manufacturing
Gauges, Manometers and Flowmeters for Measuring Differential Pressure
Oral Drug Delivery Systems
Protein Crystallography Dispensers, Nano Dispensers, Harvesters, Plate Sealers, Microcapillary Protein Crystallisation System, Density Gradient Fractionators, and Well Plates
On-Packaging and On-Dosage Product Authentication Solutions
Solutions for Drug Development, from Discovery to Proof of Concept, for Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Industry
Environmental Monitoring Solutions for the Healthcare Industry
Temperature Calibrators and Pressure Indicators
Bioequivalence Studies and Bioanalytical Services for Small and Large Molecule Development Programmes
Pipetting Robots and Systems for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Spray Drying Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Research and Development Resource for Veterinary Treatments
Consultancy Services for Combination Products, Medical Devices and IVDs
Measuring Instruments for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Exhibition for the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Sector
Setting the Standard for Drug Delivery
Development, Registration and Supply of Generic Oncology Products and Biosimilars
Chambers and Testing Rooms for Maintaining Temperature and Humidity
Cleanroom Supplies, Suits, and Protective Goggles
Fine Chemicals and Compounds
Contract Manufacturing and Primary and Secondary Packaging Services
Picture Archive and Communication Systems (PACS) for Health Facilities
European CRO Offering Clinical Research and Support Services in Europe and the US
Crushers and Lump Breakers
Clinical Research for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Smart Digital Transformation for the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Industry
Clinical Research Services for Early-Stage Biotech Companies
The Remote Collaboration Platform for Site Meetings
Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems
Full Clinical Trial Support
CDMO Supporting Liquid and Solid Dose Rx Product Development and Manufacturing
Global Serialization, Compliance, Track and Trace, Pharmaceutical and Biotech Solutions
Solid Dose Packaging Solutions
Pharmaceutical Outsourcing Solutions, Contract Manufacturing and Project Management
Transport Management Solutions, and Industrial Freezers and Refrigerators
Raman Spectroscopy and Modular Spectrometers
Consulting and CRO Services for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Contract Manufacturing of Sterile Liquid and Lyophilised Dosage Forms
Mixing and Drying Technology for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Dosage Solutions for Solid Dispensing
Temperature-Controlled Vehicles for Transporting Pharmaceuticals
Sterile Injectables Contract Manufacturing
Reagent Systems, Molecular Testing and Drug Delivery Solutions
Advice and Guidance for Pharmaceutical Serialisation Strategy Development
Filtration & Separation Solutions for Purifying Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Industry Sterilization Packaging
Readability Tests for Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Applications
Greases and Lubricants for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Sterile and Non-Sterile Cleanroom Products
galenIQ™ - The Smart Excipient for Sachets and Compressed Tablets
Cleanroom Supplies for Sterile, Aseptic and Critical Environments
Packaging and Equipment for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Industrial Temperature Control Equipment
Controlled Release Drug Delivery and Clinical Trials Using Scintigraphic Imaging
Analytical Services for Biological Assays
Specialist Courier to the Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Scientific Research Industries
cGMP Contract Manufacturing of Plasmid DNA and Recombinant Proteins
Real-Time Molecular Imaging for Life Sciences Industry
Temperature-Critical Sample Storage
Medical Research and Development in Respiratory and Sleep Medicine
Brand Lifecycle Management Platform for the Pharmaceutical Industry
The Microplate Reader Company
Contract Development and Manufacturing Services for Biopharmaceuticals
Automated Solutions for Pharmaceutical Assembly, Handling, Inspection, Medtech and Packaging
Viscosity Measurement and Control Devices
High-Performance Analytical Instruments for Pharmaceutical Research
Freeze Drying Services, Training and Instrumentation
Established Solutions for Drug Discovery, Development and Formulation
Calcium Phosphate Excipients for Tablet and Capsule Products
Contract Analytical Chemistry Services and Quality Control Testing
Supplier of Personal and Industrial Barcode Printers for Pharmaceutical Labels
Multivariate Data Analysis Software for Pharmaceutical Production
THC-Free CBD Bulk Material for White and Private Label and Wholesale
Clean Room Classification, Qualification and Maintenance
Decontamination Services and Specialist Cleaning for Pharmaceutical Environments
Global, cGMP Micronizing and Milling for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Natural Cannabinoid Ingredients for Pharmaceutical Products
Secondary Printed Packaging for Pharmaceuticals
Contract Research Organisation for Early Development of First-in-Human Oncology Clinical Trials
Climate-Controlled Shipping Containers for Safely Transporting Pharmaceuticals
Biological Infectious Waste Disposal Systems
Cell Mediated Immune Monitoring for Research
Implantable Micromechanical Components Specialists
Bioavailability and Bioequivalence Studies and Bioanalytical Services
Laboratory Testing and Project Management for Clinical Trials
Containment Valves and Docking Systems for Safe Powder Handling
Testing Devices for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Hospital Equipment and Drug Distribution for the Healthcare Industry
Cleanroom Design, Fabrication and Installation
Pharmacy Cleanroom Supplies, Apparel and Disinfectants
Filtration and Screening Products
Cleanroom Air Particle Counters and Microbial Air Samplers
Contract Manufacturing of Generic Pharmaceutical Products and APIs
Flexible Containment and Integrated Containment Systems
Containment Systems for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Wireless Temperature Monitoring
Specialist Medical Translation Services
Regulatory Labelling and Consulting Services in Europe
International Pharmaceutical Ingredients Event Organised by UBM Sinoexpo
Contract Development and Manufacturing of Non-Sterile Liquid and Semi-Solid Products
Clinical Supply Services Partner
High-Performance Packaging Solutions for Temperature-Sensitive Applications
Clinical Development, Recruitment and Drug Lifecycle Management Services
Tablet and Capsule Counting Machines
Electronic Case Report Form (eCRF) for Pharmaceutical Clinical Trials
Trusted Partner in Biobanking, Packaging and Logistics
In-Vitro Inhalation Toxicology Services
Analysis of IT Equipment for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Plastic Bulk Containers for Pharmaceuticals
Light-Induced Fluorescence (LIF) Sensor / Pharmaceutical PAT Sensor
CRO Services with Pharmaceutical, Biotechnological, Medical Device and Healthcare Applications
Manufacturing and Packaging Solutions for Pharmaceutical Supply Chains
Bioprocessing Solutions for Development and Manufacture of Biotherapeutics and Vaccines
Active and Continuous Powder Transfer and Bulk Solids Processing Solutions
Contract Drug Development and Manufacturing Services
Architectural Solutions for Cleanrooms
Temperature, Environmental and Climatic Test Chambers
Inhalation Product Development for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Process Automation for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Dissolution Testing Systems for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Modular and Flexible Secondary Packaging
Pharmaceutical Machinery for Tablet Manufacturing
Clinical Research and Development Services and Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Product Market Licensing
International Transportation and Logistics Services
Separation and Purification Solutions, Ion Exchange Excipients and Ion Exchange APIs
Temperature-Controlled Transport Solutions for the Medical Industry
Contract Development and Manufacturing of Semi-Solid and Liquid Dosage Forms
Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods for the Prevention of Chronic Disease
Consulting, Pharmacovigilance and Regulatory Affairs Services
Mineral Salts
Filtration and Mixing Equipment for Pharmaceutical Solid-Liquid Separation
Pharmacovigilance and Regulatory Support Services for Drug Development
Distributor of Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Products in Malta
Nozzles and Nozzle Systems
Contamination Control Floor Solutions
Auto-Injectors and Drug Delivery Devices for Pharmaceuticals and Biologic Products
Material Handling Equipment for Healthcare and Cleanroom Facilities
Filtration Systems
Thermocovers, Insulated Shipper Boxes and Custom Cooling Elements for Pharmaceutical Goods Cargo
eCRF and Custom Web Platforms for Patient Data Collection and Clinical Trial Management
Agitators, Vacuum Contact Dryers and Vertical Mixers
Gas Particle Analysis Devices for Medical and Food Sectors
Universal Lab Monitoring Solutions for Pharmaceutical Companies
Pharmaceutical Water, Pure Water, Water for Injection and Pure Steam Equipment
Validation and Monitoring Solutions
Empty Hard Capsules for Pharmaceutical Applications
Process Control and Operations Management Solutions
Enhancing Oral Formulations of Large and Polar APIs
Synthesis of Building Blocks for Drug Design Programmes
Process Automation Services for the Life Sciences Industry
Powder Handling and Conveying Solutions for Pharmaceutical Process Companies
Enhanced Blood Pressure-Based and ECG-Based Methods for Drug Therapy Monitoring
Virtual Reality and Immersive Solutions for Medical Training and Product Demonstrations
Disposable and Single-Use Flowmeter Solutions for the Biopharmaceutical Industry
Consultancy Services for Pharmaceutical Product Development
Air Pollution, Odour, Dust and Gas Control Systems
Oral, Injectable and Topical Dosage Forms of Generic and Cephalosporin Products
Pharmaceutical Asset Management Consultancy and Training Services
Pharmaceutical Packaging, Labelling, and Anti-Counterfeiting Services
GxP and Regulatory Consultation for Drug Development
Labels, Inserts and Mini-Booklets for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Regulatory-Compliant Genomic Services
Development Services and Programmes for Healthcare Companies
Equipment, Maintenance, and Design Services for Pharmaceutical Laboratories
Insulated Packaging Concepts
Explosion-Protected Equipment and Technological Solutions for Safety and Security
Granulation Machinery for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Turnkey Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Independent Animal Health Research for Veterinary Applications
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Intermediates
Clinical Research Organisation for Phase I to III Clinical Trials
Roller Compaction and Dry Granulation Technology for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Pharmaceutical Process Packaging Machinery
Temperature-Controlled Cargo for Pharmaceutical Shipments
Supply Chain Management Services for Clinical Trials of Pharmaceutical Drugs
Semi-Metallic Gaskets, Sheet Gasket Materials, Pump and Valve Seals and Metallic Gaskets
Packaging Automation for High-Volume, Lightweight Goods
International Shipment of Pharmaceutical Products by Land, Sea and Air
Collaboration for Silica-Based Drug Delivery
Complete Quality Management Software Solutions
Size-reduction Machines and Containment Solutions for API
Specialist for Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Packaging Materials
Plastic Pharmaceutical Packaging
Contract Development and Manufacture of Sterile Fluids
Milling Systems for Pharmaceutical Powders and Granulates
Biopharmaceutical Process Development and Manufacturing Services
Precision Woven Meshes and Fabrication
Mobile and Scalable Cleanroom PODs™
Powder Compaction Analysers for Industry and Academia
GlobalData exists to help businesses decode the future to profit from faster, more informed decisions.
Water Treatment Plant Manufacturing for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Medical Equipment Forwarding Services by Air, Ocean and Road
High-Performance Refrigerators, Freezers, Combination Refrigerator and Freezers, and Walk-In Rooms for Life Sciences
Pharmaceutical Plastic and Glass Packaging
Premium Roller Compactors and Dry Granulation Systems
Contract Micronisation and Milling for Pharmaceutical Products
High Purity Stainless Steel Tube, Fittings and Valves Manufacturing
Automated Chromatography and Liquid Handling Instrumentation, Pipettes, Tips and Filtration Consumables
Radiopharmaceutical Freeze-Dried Products and Sterile Components
Custom Peptide Synthesis, Protected Amino Acids, Unnatural Amino Acids and Derivatives
Patient-Friendly Devices and Diagnostics
High-Performance Glycoanalysis Solutions for Biopharma and Biotech Industries and for Clinical Applications
Cleanrooms, HVAC and Laboratory Equipment, Design Build and Validation Services
Drug Delivery Formulations for Urology, Oncology, CNS and CVS
The Innovative Heart of Nordic Life Science
Pumps for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Cleanroom Design and Controlled Environments for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Metal and Plastic Respiratory Drug Delivery Components and Devices
Oral Dosage, Sterile Ointments and APIs
Contract Research and Clinical Services for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Self-Injection Devices
Now Part of the Aenova Group for Product Development, Clinical Trial Supply Management and Commercial Manufacturing in FDA-Approved Facilities
Market Access, Medical Writing and Consultancy Services for Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Manufacturers
Processing Equipment for Pharmaceuticals
Raw Material Handling and Containment Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Sector
Clean Room Technology and System Integration
Cleanroom Design and Construction
Freeze Drying Systems for the Pharmaceutical Sector
Containment Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Sector
Temperature Control Solutions for Laboratories
Color Measurement Services, Analysis Instruments and Software for Quality Control
Extended Duration Shippers (XDSTM) for Transportation of Pharmaceutical Products
Laboratory Services, Reference Standards and Pharmacovigilance
Non-Sterile Solid and Liquid Dosage Forms
Pharmaceutical Industry Research
Pharmaceutical Business Development and Consultancy Services
Bioequivalence Studies, Regulatory Affairs and Scientific Consultancy for Pharmaceutical and Medical Industries
Biopharmaceutical Development and Contract Manufacturing Services
Laboratory Equipment for Pharmaceuticals
Flexible Powder Containment Technologies
Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Design and Installation
Clinical Research Consultants for Pharmaceutical Companies
Distribution of Chemical Products, APIs and Pharmaceutical Excipients
Pharmaceutical Intelligence and Market Reports
Process Filters for Pharmaceutical Applications
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients for Inhalation and Central Nervous System Therapies
Automated Test Solutions for Pharmaceutical Drug Delivery Systems
Software Platform for Drug Supply Chain Management
Contract Manufacturer and Developer of Pharmaceutical Equipment
Medical Translation Services for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Daily-Use Reusable Cotton Face Coverings
Polyplasdone® Superdisintegrants, Plasdone® Polymers and Advantia® Coatings
Process Innovation in Vacuum Drying and Vacuum Pumps
Flexible Plastic Packaging, Printing, Labelling, Injection Moulding and IML for Pharmaceutical Products
Infectious Disease Vaccines and Diagnostics
Preclinical and Clinical Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Studies in the Dermis, Brain and Adipose Tissue
Excipients, Coatings, Technical Support, and Biopharmaceutical Services
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Excipients
Workforce Solutions Provider for Life Science Organizations
Automated Temperature Monitoring for the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industries
Contract Manufacturing and Development, Packaging and Global Distribution
Integrated Supply Chain Planning, Monitoring and Response for Life Sciences
Veterinary Contract Research Organisation for Animal Healthcare
Machine Manufacturing for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Contract Development Organisation for Animal Health Products
Cold Chain Refrigerated and Freezer ISO Container Systems
Freelance Pharmaceutical Consultants
Integrated Procurement Services for Pharmaceutical Products
Mechatronics Engineering for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Platform Technology for Advanced 3D Culturing and Stem Cells
Private Investigation Services to Protect Sensitive Data and Prevent Counterfeiting
Handling / Packaging Machines for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Airless Metering Pumps for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Clean Air and Laminar Flow Equipment, Vacuum and Cooling Equipment, and Centrifugation Equipment
Contract Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Powders and New Technology for API Solubility and Bioavailability
Injectable, Solid and Oral Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing
Tablet Presses and Tablet Production Machinery
Environment Controlled Rooms, Cleanrooms, ICH Stability Chambers, Freezers, and Coolers for Temperature-Sensitive Pharmaceutical and Medical Products
Data Loggers for Pharmaceutical, Vaccine and Cold Chain Monitoring
Chillers, Measuring Instruments, and Heating and Cooling Systems
Lines and Machines for Pharmaceutical Solids Production
Product Lifecycle Management Software and Consultancy Services
Pharmaceutical Pumps and Systems
Tablet Presses, Capsule Filling Machines and Customised Tooling for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Pharmaceutical Third-Party Logistics
Comprehensive Pharmaceutical Product Development Services
Heating and Cooling Solutions for Pharmaceutical Drug Development and Manufacturing
Contract Manufacturing of Mineral Based Drugs and Nutrition Supplements
Rubber Parts for Primary Packaging and Medical Devices Solutions
Autoclaves and Thermal Equipment for the Medical Industry
Transdermal Therapeutic Patches and Advanced Oral Wafer (Thin Films) Medication
Temperature-Sensitive Cargo Shipments
Process Technology for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Magnesium Compounds and Calcium Compounds
Drug Development Technologies
Complete Packaging Lines and Machines
CBD Isolate for the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industries
Pharmaceutical Bulk Packaging Solutions
Cleanrooms, Containment Suites and Clean Air Systems
IBC Systems for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Measurement and Analysis of Fine Powders and Granular Materials
Remote-Controlled Drug Release into the GI-Tract and 3D-Magnetic Monitoring for Early Drug Absorption Studies
FUNDA®-Filter Systems for Pharmaceutical Applications
Biostatistics and Data Management
Lithium Logistics and Dangerous Goods Management
High-Quality, Turnkey Modular Cleanrooms
Regulatory Affairs Consultation and eCTD Preparation for Drug Submissions
Tablet Press Manufacture for Compaction Simulation and Powder Analysis
Next-Generation Drug-in-Adhesive Platform for Transdermal Patches
Packaging and Labelling Event for the Medical Device Industry
Manufacturing of Medicines and Dietary Supplements
Spirometry Systems for Asthma and COPD Diagnostics and Treatment
Cold Chain Services for Pharmaceuticals
Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs and Consultation Services for Drug Registration
Bio-IT, Digitisation, and Genomic Data Software
Blister Machines, Cartoning Machines, Sachet Machines, Stick Pack Machines and Late-Stage Customization for Packaging
Deaeration Gas Removal and Applications
Lab Ovens, Incubators and Climate Chambers for Pharma Research and Industry
Contract Research Organisation, Logistics, and Warehousing for Clinical Trials and Site Management
Automated Handwash Systems for Cleanroom Hygiene
Oral Drug Product Development and Drug Delivery Systems
Wireless and Real-Time Data Loggers and Software for Pharmaceutical Process Monitoring and Validation
Medical Equipment Supplier and Maintenance for Clinical Trials
Pharmaceutical Process Life-Cycle Management Software
Regulatory Affairs Consulting Services
Biosafety and Contamination Prevention Equipment for Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms
Custom-Designed Stainless-Steel Material Handling Equipment
Titration, Voltammetry and Ion Chromatography Services
Digitalisation and Automation Systems for the Pharmaceutical and Life Science Industries
Calibration, Qualification and Temperature Mapping for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Laboratory and Process Analytics Instruments for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Contract Micronization and Engineering Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Materials Characterisation Analytical Instruments and Services
Aseptic Processing, Pharmaceutical Production and Controlled Environments
High-Performance Assembly Solutions for Pharmaceuticals
Optimized Freeze-Drying Solutions
Custom Peptide Synthesis, Peptide Libraries and Reagents
Biopharma Cold Chain Engineering with State-of-the-Art Transport Simulation Laboratory
Bioanalytical Systems for Life Science and Drug Discovery Research
HPLC Method Development Software for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Cannabis Distillates and Derivative Products for Canadian and Global Markets
Clean Room and Containment Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Protecting Pharma Packaging from Moisture, Oxygen and Hydrocarbons
Micronisation of APIs, Excipients, Steroids, Cytotoxics, Cytostatics, HPAIs, and Antibiotics
High-Quality Air Treatment Solutions for Pharma Production
Full Service CRO and Inhalation Product Development Specialists
Masking Flavours in Medications for Increased Compliance
Thermal Analysis Techniques and Rheometers for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) Production and Chemical Solutions
Label Application Solutions for Pharmaceutical Packaging
Hazardous Area Static Grounding Control for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Pharmaceutical Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation Serving Worldwide Markets
Regulatory Affairs and Pharmacovigilance Consulting Services
Pharmaceutical Glass Primary Packaging
Pharmaceutical Translations from English into Balkan Languages
Plastic Containers and Tamper-Evident Caps
Sample Preparation and Preservation Kits for Nucleic Acid and Protein Purification, Concentration and Clean-Up
Bioequivalence Studies and CRO Services for Drug Development
Purification Solutions for the Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Industries
Insulin Human for Cell Culture Media and cGMP-Manufactured Quaternary Ammonium Compounds
Ionization Devices for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Regulatory Support, Auditing and Training Services for Drug Manufacturers
Wearable Connected Worker Platform for the Future-Ready Enterprise
Freight Forwarding Solutions for Pharmaceuticals
Medical and Pharmaceutical Packaging
VOC Exhaust Gases Treatment and Energy Recovery Systems
Global Real-Time Tracking and Monitoring Solutions for Facilities and Goods in Transit
Contract Research Organisation for the Early Development of Oncology Therapies
Electronic Data Capture Solutions for Clinical Data Management
Supply Chain Track-and-Trace Technologies for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Filling and Packaging Machines for Syringes, Vials, Bottles and Carpules
Manufacturer and Designer of Pharmaceutical Packaging
High-Value Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Services
Automatic Injection Pens and Auto Injectors for Self-Injection
Pre-clinical Immunology for Vaccine and Immunotherapy Development
Bioprocessing and Manufacturing Solutions for Drug Production Applications
Information and Education for the Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Community
Flow Cytometry, Cell Analysis and Diagnostics
Complete Contamination Control Solutions
Contract Pharmaceutical Development Services and Commercial Manufacturing
Clean Room Doors, Emergency Escape Panels, Vision Panels, Hygienic Lift Trolleys, Air and Water Showers
High-Quality Analysis Devices, Investigation Apparatuses and Laboratory Instruments
Pilot and Process Scale Customized Chromatography Equipment for the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry
Peptide Production, Synthesisers and Conjugation Services
eClinical Solutions
Management Services, Regulatory Submissions, and Audits for Clinical Trials
High-Throughput Permeability Screening Device for Drug Candidates
Membrane Separation Systems for Pervaporation and Vapour Permeation
High-Quality Magnesium Stearates for Efficient Tabletting
High-Purity, Low-Endotoxin Carbohydrates, Parenteral Grade Excipients and Highly Potent APIs
Pharmacovigilance and Regulatory Consultancy for Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Developers
Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance and Market Access
Regulatory and Pharmacovigilance Consultancy Solutions for Pharmaceutical Applications
Monthly Digital Magazine for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Clinical Research and Development Services and Pharmaceutical Market Licensing
Pharmaceutical Consultants and Drug Development Strategists
Modular Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Production Facilities
Softgel Machinery and Technology
Drug Registration Management Services
Preclinical Efficacy Services in Oncology and Skeletal Diseases
Excipients and Value Added Active Ingredients (API)
Regulatory and Pharmacovigilance Consultation Services
Contract Manufacturing of Sterile Drugs in Vials and Product Development
Phenom™ G2 - The World's Fastest Desktop Scanning Electron Microscope
Electronic Trial Master File (eTMF), e-Archiving and Data Storage Solutions
Automated Gripping, Lifting and Moving Pharmaceutical Solutions
Peptides for Therapeutic and Diagnostic Research, and Peptide-Based APIs
A supercritical CO2 GMP Unit for Pharmaceutical Applications.
Contract Developer and Manufacturer of Pharmaceuticals
Independent Pharmaceutical Consultancy Services
Medical Devices and Packaging Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Temperature-Safe Shipping and Protective Packaging Products
Manufacturer of Generic Drugs and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Collaboration Technology that Unleashes the Power of Human Collaboration
Contract Development and Manufacturing of Biopharmaceuticals and Liposomal Formulations
Peptide Synthesis and GMP Manufacturing
Developing and Manufacturing Life-Saving Biopharmaceutical Products
High-Containment Powder Handling and Advanced Process Solutions
Logistics Services for Pharmaceutical Import / Export
Effluent and Carcass Sterilization and Disposal System
Autoclaves and Sterilisation Equipment
Paperless Management Solutions for Pharmaceutical Companies
Process Systems and Packaging Machines for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Flexible Packaging for Pharmaceutical Products
High-Docosahexaenoic Acid Oil and Biomass for API Manufacturing
3D Swing Mixers Manufacturer for Combining Pharmaceutical Powders in Drug Development and Manufacturing
Enzyme Indicators for Hydrogen Peroxide Decontamination
Cold Chain Protection Solutions for Pharmaceutical Shipments
Regulatory Advice and Guidance for Pharmaceutical Applications
Sterile Apparel and Supplies for the Pharmaceutical Cleanroom
Non-Destructive Package Inspection
Pharmaceutical-Grade Water Purification Systems for the Pharmaceutical and Biopharma Markets
Drug Manufacturing and Development Services
Environmental Cabinets, Incubators, Ovens and Filtered Fume Cabinets
Glass Bottles, Jars and Vials for Pharmaceutical Applications
Passive Thermal Protection and Cargo Security Solutions for the Global Supply Chain
Formulation and Filling of Semi-Solid and Liquid Pharmaceuticals
Global Supplier of Two-Piece Hard Capsules and Equipment
GxP Audit Provider for Pharmaceutical Companies
Inspection and Analytical Services for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Virtual Reality Educational Platforms for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance Consulting Services
Scientific Analysis, Research, Consultancy and Training Services
Pharmaceutical Product Development and Commercial Manufacturing
Consulting Services for Drug Regulatory Registration and Quality Management
Carton and Sleeve Printers for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Clinical Services and Regulatory Consultation for the EAEU
ISO17025 Accredited Calibration Services for Temperature, Humidity, and Pressure Instrumentation
Global Pharmaceutical Transportation, Fulfilment, Logistics and Supply Chain Services
Bespoke, Cost-Effective Preclinical Cancer Model Searches for Pharmaceutical Companies
Incident Management and Investigations Software for Pharmaceuticals
Material Handling Products and Turnkey Process Systems for Pharmaceutical Applications
Filling, Dosing and Packaging Systems for the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Industries
Contract Manufacturing and Packaging Services
Humidity Measurement Instruments
Contract Manufacturing Services for Injectable and Solid Forms
Ethylene Oxide Sterilisation Equipment and Pharmaceutical Turnkey Projects
Containment Systems for Pharmaceutical Applications
PED-Certified Tanks and Pressure Vessels, Pressure Tanks and Processing Systems
Storage, Distribution, Graphics, Licensing, and IT Support for Pharmaceutical Products Businesses
Manufacturing and R&D Services for Pharmaceutical Packaging
Clinical Trial Management Systems for Complex Clinical Trials
Pipeline Partner for Complex API and Biologics Development and Manufacturing
High-Level Health, Safety and Environmental Consultancy to the Biopharmaceutical Industry
Glove Boxes and Dry Anaerobic Containment Systems for the Storage of Hazardous Substances
Strategic Contract Development and Manufacturing Service Provider
Fume Hoods, Process Stations, and Wet Scrubber Systems for Pollution Control
Comprehensive Pharma Contract Research Solutions
API Supply, Custom Synthesis, API and Pharma Contract Manufacturing Solutions
Plastic Eye Dropper Bottles
Laboratory and Process Technologies and Equipment
Preclinical Process Development, Cytokine Bioassay Services, In Vitro Cytotoxicity Testing, Cell-Based Assays, and ELISA and Multiplex Development
Full-Service CRO for Clinical Trials in Scandinavia
Plastic Closures for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Product Purification and Recovery of Precious and Base Metals
Glass and Polymer Pharmaceutical Packaging
Extraction Technologies for High-Purity Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Innovative Labelling Solutions for Pharmaceutical Products
Electronic Notebook Solutions for Industry Laboratories
EDC Systems for Clinical Trials and Observational Studies
Wireless Temperature Monitoring Solutions for Pharmaceuticals
Pharmaceutical Fluid Bed Dryers, Filters and Filter Liners, Discs and Bags
Fully Automated Temperature Monitoring for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Manufacturer of Machines for Automatic Visual Inspection of Pharmaceuticals
Non-Destructive Leak Testing Equipment, Deblistering Machines and Laboratory-Scale Blister Packing Machines
Simulated Moving Bed Systems for Counter-Current Ion Exchange and Chromatography
Global Contract Services for Pre-Clinical Studies
Auto Injectors, Pen Injectors and Inhaler Systems
Capsule and Tablet Manufacturing Ingredients for Pharmaceutical and and Dietary Supplements
Extraction, Synthesis and Purification Solutions for Pharmaceutical Applications
End-to-End Solutions for Drug Substance Logistics
Customised Viral Vectors for Cell Modelling, Gene Therapy, and Vaccination Research and Development
Process Equipment for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation Services for Packaging, Clinical Trials, and Regulatory Documentation
Temperature Monitoring Solutions for Healthcare Organisations
Company white papers
Thermal Insulated and Cooling Packaging for Cold-Chain Storage and Distribution
Contract Pharmaceutical Development Services and Commercial Manufacturing in Advanced Softgel Technologies
EQMS Software for the Life Sciences Industry
Medical and Wellness Devices and Solutions
Integrated Analytical Services and Solutions for Safer Pharmaceuticals
Transportation Services for Temperature-Sensitive Pharmaceuticals
Temperature Assurance Packaging for Transportation of Pharmaceutical Products
Clinical Diagnostics and DNA Sequencing Services
Air Cargo Services for Time-Sensitive Pharmaceuticals
Steam Management Systems Medical Equipment Sterilisation
Steam System Engineering for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Pharmaceutical Shipping Temperature and Condition Monitors
Secure and Efficient Monitoring Solutions for Healthcare Environments
Regulatory Affairs and Operations for Drugs and Medical Devices
CDMO Services for Biologics
Gamma Irradiation Technology for Sterilization of APIs and Drug Formulations
Automated Handling Systems for Pre-Filled Syringes
Valves and Accessories for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Integrated Containment and Delivery Solutions for Pharmaceutical Products
Large-Volume Wearable Injection Devices for Biologics
Solid Dose Contract Development and Commercial Manufacturing
Freight Services for Pharmaceutical Drug Delivery in Africa
Temperature-Controlled Freight Services for Pharmaceutical Products
Central Laboratory Services
Contract Manufacturing, Fill and Finish Services for Pharmaceuticals
Biopharmaceutical Product Development for Quick Time-to-Market
Contract Research, Development and Manufacturing Organisation
Consent and Preference Management Solution for Healthcare Providers
Controlled Lab Reactors and Parallel Synthesis Workstations
Data Management Solutions and Software
Tamper-Evident Labels, Security Tape and Printing Solutions
Tamper-Evident Solutions for Pharmaceutical Packaging
Anti-Tamper and Anti-Counterfeit Pharmaceutical Enclosures and Security Technology
Machines for Assembly and Testing of Medical Devices
Crystallisation Solutions for Pharmaceutical Companies
Contaminant Control Flooring for Cleanroom Environments
Pharmaceutical Packaging Products for Tablets and Capsules
Data Loggers and Controllers for Detecting Gas in Pharmaceutical Production Plants
Engineering, Construction and Consultancy Services and Integrated Process Equipment Solutions
Temperature Monitoring Solutions for Pharmaceutical Companies
Brand Protection Specialist
Measurement Instruments and Data Loggers
Contract Manufacturing of Cream, Gel, Suspension, Ointment and Liquid Products
Development, Scale Up and Manufacture of Complex Biologics
Temperature-Controlled Shipping with GDP-Compliant Thermal Packaging
Portable Temperature-Controlled Storage Solutions from -60°C to 60°C
Cloud-Based Platform with Accurate End-to-End Visibility
Clinical Trial Management
Dry Power and Liquid-Based Material Handling Systems for Pharmaceuticals
Cleanroom and Air-Lock Furniture
Pharmaceutical and Medical Device R&D Consultancy Services
Data Transparency Platform for Clinical Trials
Smart Business Tools for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Veterinary GCP Clinical Study Management and CRO Services
Cloud Temperature Management Solution for Supply Chain Monitoring
Contract Development and Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals
Blow, Fill and Seal Technology, Effervescent Tablets and Liquid Stick-Packs
Contract Services for Solid Oral Dosages and Semisolids
Gloveboxes and Inert Gas Purification Systems
Fail-Safe Environmental Monitoring Devices for Life Sciences
Contract Manufacturing Services for the Pharmaceutical Sector
Hands-On Training and Pharmaceutical Conferences
Environmental Solutions for Energy, Water and Industrial Waste
Biocompatible Polymer Coatings for Drug Delivery
Safeguarding Solutions, Security Engineering, Brand Protection and Track & Trace Systems
Aseptic Contract Filling
Dosing Technology for the Pharmaceutical Industry
E-Clinical Products and Reporting Systems
Peristaltic Pumps, Tubes, and Hoses for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Injectables Primary Packaging and Drug Delivery Systems
Stability Test Chambers for Pharmaceutical Packaging
Integrated Containment and Delivery Systems
Unified Communications Services for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Pharmaceutical Air Filtration Solutions
Leak Detection and Inspection Machines
Vibratory Process Plants and Machinery
Dispersion and Wet Milling Technology for Pharmaceuticals
Cold Chain Management and Transportation Services for Pharmaceuticals
Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Experts
Pen Injectors, Pen Needles and Auto-Injectors for Self-Injection
Software Solutions for Tracking and Monitoring Pharma Cargo
Delivering Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Automation, and Process Control
Aseptic Process Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry